By Todd Nelson, filling in for Paul Douglas:

If the window-rattling wind didn't catch your attention overnight, maybe the near 30-degree temperature drop will. Wednesday morning's balmy, near-60 degree temps have dipped to near 30 degrees this morning. Keep in mind that with winds gusting to close to 30 miles per hour, it will feel more like the teens and 20s much of the day. Grab a coat!

In addition to colder weather, a few wind-whipped snowflakes will be featured today on the backside of a storm system that brought us three days of soaking rains this week. Precipitation amounts were quite impressive for November. In fact, Minneapolis had a daily precipitation record of 1.21 inches on Tuesday, which also helped to push us in to one of the 10 wettest Novembers on record.

While our puddles begin to fade, areas across far northern Minnesota will become more accustomed to the color white as a few inches of snow pile up today. I'm also keeping an eye on a quick-moving snow event that could produce shovelable snow just south of the Twin Cities on Friday. Stay tuned.