My Grandma Mavis Baumgard never stopped moving and was always on the go.

Her number one priority was making other people happy. Whether it was by her delectable cooking or her sprightly laughter, she always found a way to make me smile. It was difficult for me to see her age over time.

When I was younger, she had a bubbly energy that made her light up a room, but as the years went by she started to slow. She did however, gain a spark of energy a year and a half ago when my husband and I announced our engagement. She had the time of her life on our wedding day!

My Grandma was one of the last guests to leave the dance floor at the end of the night and the first one up the next morning because she couldn’t wait to talk about the wedding. I sent many photos to her after the wedding and she told me she looked at them every day and couldn’t imagine a more perfect wedding.

After the wedding her health started to deteriorate and a few months later we said our goodbyes to her. I sometimes like to think that she did everything she could to make it to the wedding, and it was her way of saying goodbye to me by being there for one of the biggest events in my life.

The wedding photos have now taken on a different meaning. I think of all the joy these photos brought to her, and I can’t stop noticing the smile she has in every picture.

I will miss her every day.