News flash: Minnesotans love their lakes. Specifically, the greatest lake of them all, Superior. What’s more, they love the beer that’s brewed from Superior’s waters more than any other.

How do we know? Because the state’s beer lovers voted. And when 10,000 people weigh in on their favorite breweries, we listen.

The Ultimate Minnesota Beer Bracket is down to last call, and the two remaining breweries are basically a map to a stellar weekend road trip. That’s because the Twin Cities has been knocked out of play. Still standing are Two Harbors’ Castle Danger and Duluth’s Bent Paddle. Move along, Surly and Summit, this is the North Shore’s game now.

It’s no coincidence that Castle Danger and Bent Paddle are going head to head in the final round. They are the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds, respectively. Castle Danger is last year’s champion, and Bent Paddle has consistently outperformed every other brewery this tournament, slaying the competition by impressive margins.

Here’s how it shook out in the Foamy Four round. Castle Danger sailed to victory over Summit, winning 60 percent of the vote. Bent Paddle knocked out Surly with 55 percent of the vote. It was never even close.

So now, beer fans, you have the difficult job of choosing between two beers that evoke blissed-out memories of summer trips Up North. Only one of the great destination breweries of Minnesota will get the trophy, and that’s up to you. Vote. The poll is open now through Thursday at 5 p.m. Vote online at or click below: