Bergeland, who has signed with Minnesota, is enjoying a successful senior season.


Q: You broke your older brother Jack’s record for takedowns in a season. Did he send any congratulations?

A: My brother was at the match where I broke his record, but I didn’t really say anything to him. Breaking the record was one of my goals this season, but I kind of expected it would happen because I was pretty close going into the year. Now I’m trying to get over 200 takedowns this season. I’m at about 192 right now.


Q: You won the Class 3A state title at 132 pounds last year. How goes the added attention from opponents?

A: Being a defending champion is different, but it really doesn’t change how I go into a match. Some kids clam up a little, but a lot of kids are really offensive and want to go out and get it. So in a lot of my matches, I’m fighting pretty hard, and that’s nice.


Q: Does that sort of match better fit your preferred style?

A: I have a couple go-to moves, but every match I just try to go out there and score as many points as I can — to stay offensive the entire time.


Q: You previously committed to Minnesota and then J Robinson was replaced by Brandon Eggum. What was it like watching that process?

A: We were really hoping he’d get the interim coach tag taken off, so it’s exciting we know for certain that he’s around. I was still committed to the Gophers, but it’s nice that he’s officially the coach now.

david la vaque