The Eagles and Patriots can thank the Minneapolis North High School football team for making them look good on Super Bowl Sunday.

The high school team, which was divided up as Patriots and Eagles, spent Friday afternoon in the locked-down stadium for a dress rehearsal that allowed NBC crews to work on camera angles and lighting for game day. The 50 high school players ran from the team locker rooms to the tunnel entrance, excitement building as rapper Meek Mill songs blared. “They were getting really hyped up,” said the North High Polars football coach Charles Adams. When they got the cue, they ran through the tunnel as pyrotechnics lit up and sounded off.

On the field, they simulated player introductions. “Seeing yourself being a part of that is like a dream come true. Having the lights on you, it’s exciting,” said Nasir El-Amin, who was given a #17 green shirt for the Eagles’ Alshon Jeffery.

The rehearsal included simulations for the national anthem and the introduction for the NFL Man of the Year award. On the field, they ran the scripted plays they were provided and practiced for three days.

“It was a great experience,” El-Amin said.