In what has so far been a quixotic dream, Democratic Rep. Rick Nolan of Minnesota will once again offer a constitutional amendment that would keep corporations and labor unions from making unlimited contributions to political campaigns.

Along with Republican co-sponsor Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina, Nolan plans to offer an amendment Tuesday in the U.S.. House that constitutionally prohibits businesses, labor unions and other "artificial entities" from having the same "inalienable rights" as people.

The amendment aims to undo the U.S.. Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. The court case gave businesses, unions and other non-human constructs the same status as people in contributing to political campaigns. The decision opened up a virtually unlimited revenue stream for office-seekers.

Critics like Nolan believe Citizens United undermined the democratic process by giving wealthy institutions much more power than average Americans to influence elections and, in turn, public policy.

Many of Nolan's colleagues hold a different opinion. He offered a near identical amendment in 2015 that never made it out of a House subcommittee.

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