A local clothing company with a knack for paying homage to iconic moments in Minnesota sports is out with its latest effort, a shirt commemorating the Vikings "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck" end zone celebration.

The purple shirt features two yellow ducks and a gray duck — all three wearing Vikings helmets — in a nod to the Vikings' end zone celebration that came after a third-quarter touchdown Monday night in Chicago. Minneapolis-based SotaStick Co. began accepting preorders Wednesday.

"We've gotten a great response" said Sarah Johnson who runs the company with her husband, Landon.

After Kyle Rudolph scored, the team assembled in the end zone for "duck, duck, gray duck," or "duck, duck, goose" as the game is called just about everywhere else in the country. Rudolph was heard yelling "goose!" as he tapped rookie center Pat Elflein on the head. The celebration sparked a huge debate on social media over what the game is called.

SotaStick Co. could not resist the chance to weigh in. "This was on ESPN and it was all over Twitter, the news and everybody was talking about it," Johnson said.

Formed in 2015 when Landon and a friend made a bottle opener out of part of a hockey stick, the company has gained a following for its whimsical Twins, Wild and Vikings souvenirs and apparel. Among its best sellers: "Northern Enforcer," a shirt depicting Paul Bunyan holding a hockey stick.

The duck shirts, going for $28, will likely be a one-time printing, Johnson said.