LAGOS, Nigeria — Nigeria has summoned Britain's top diplomat to protest that country's plans to impose a 3,000-pound ($4,630) bond on visas for first-time visitors from "high-risk" countries in Africa and Asia.

A government statement says Foreign Affairs Minister Olugbenga A. Ashiru expressed "the strong displeasure of the government and people of Nigeria" over the "discriminatory" policy.

He warned British High Commissioner Andrew Pocock at a meeting at his office in Abuja on Tuesday that the move would "definitely negate" the two country's commitment to double trade by 2014.

Britain is proposing the pilot scheme for first-time visitors from its former colonies in Ghana, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The bond will be refunded when the visitor leaves Britain.

British government figures indicate 101,000 Nigerians were granted visas in 2012.