Signs waiting to be posted along Nicollet Mall for the NCAA Final Four Tip-Off Tailgate are already bouncing around the internet because of prominent and embarrassing errors.

The headline on the signs, stacked together in downtown Minneapolis, reads: “Libility Disclaimer” when they should refer to a “Liability Disclaimer.”

In finer print, the signs inform visitors that by entering the street party, they’re waiving all potential liability claims for anything that occurs at the party and consenting to be recorded and photographed and have no claim on those images. Further down in smaller print, the sign refers to the “NCCA.” That would be the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). Now Reddit is having its way with the errors with commentary that ranges from mocking to armchair legal advice.

One commenter wrote: “ ‘LIABILITY’ for an ‘NCAA’ event. Two of the main things this sign is highlighting and they are wrong.”

Another said, “Make English Great Again.”

And another: “NCCA. Did they not proofread any of this? Look at how much money they spent on making all these signs without even looking it over. Sad.”

And an armchair lawyer wrote, “I’m certain these will be placed at every single entrance, throughout the stadium, and printed on every ticket/piece of paper associated with the event. That doesn’t automatically make them enforceable but goes a long way to protect the NCAA. That said, the injury portion of the disclaimer seems a little sketchy and a decent lawyer could get around it.”

NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn said, “New signs will be displayed [Wednesday].”

The Final Four Tip-Off starts Friday and features food, games and a giant Ferris wheel, as well as free concerts. The free event occurs on Nicollet Mall between S. 8th and 12th streets through Monday.