Biggest jump: Jaguars No. 17 to No. 10

Biggest fall: Bills No. 2 to No. 13

1. Chiefs, 5-0 (Last week: 1)

MVP frontrunner Alex Smith is completing 76.6 percent of his passes with 11 TDs, no INTs. As expected, of course.

2. Eagles, 4-1 (4)

Carson Wentz pounces on Cardinals with three first-quarter TD passes.

3. Packers, 4-1 (6)

There’s nothing left to say about Aaron Rodgers. Next.

4. Panthers, 4-1 (9)

Looks like Cam’s arm is back. Just keep an eye on the tongue, big fella.

5. Patriots, 3-2 (11)

It’s not pretty, but Bill Belichick’s teams always improve as the year progresses.

6. Redskins, 2-2 (7)

They’re rested and they have a home game against the 49ers.

7. Falcons, 3-1 (8)

They’re rested at they have a home game against the Dolphins.

8. Broncos, 3-1 (10)

They’re rested and they have a prime-time home game against what’s left of the Giants. You win, Denver.

9. Seahawks, 3-2 (14)

Not so fast, Rams. Seattle doubled LA’s giveaway total to 10 in Sunday’s win.

10. Jaguars, 3-2 (17)

I picked Jacksonville to beat Pittsburgh. Didn’t think it would be a destruction.

11. Rams, 3-2 (3)

Hang in there, Jared Goff. You’re closing the gap in the NFC West.

12. Texans, 2-3 (12)

They found their franchise QB, but they’ve lost J.J. Watt for the year. Again.

13. Bills, 3-2 (2)

Buffalo has turned the ball over only twice. But the one by Tyrod Taylor was a killer in Cincinnati.

14. Lions, 3-2 (5)

Perhaps the Lions defense isn’t as good as Vikings fans thought it was a week ago.

15. Vikings, 3-2 (19)

Monday was ugly, and who knows when Sam Bradford will be healthy again. But the defense is at full strength.

16. Saints, 2-2 (15)

A revived Saints defense faces Matthew Stafford and the Lions at home.

17. Jets, 3-2 (16)

Methuselah McCown has won three straight games for the first time in his 969-year career.

18. Steelers, 3-2 (13)

Big Ben says he might not have it anymore. He might be right.

19. Bengals, 2-3 (25)

Beating Buffalo puts a more legitimate stamp on their turnaround under new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor.

20. Ravens, 3-2 (22)

Run, Baltimore. Run. Ravens averaging over 145 yards rushing in their three wins.

21. Cowboys, 2-3 (20)

Wondering what Jerry would really do if Dak and Ezekiel joined arms and took a knee at 2-3.

22. Raiders, 2-3 (18)

Poor Raiders. After being universally crowned at 2-0, they’re 0-3 and averaging 12.3 points per game.

23. Colts, 2-3 (26)

Note to NFL. Next time an iconic former player is honored, ask the White House to protest elsewhere.

24. Buccaneers, 2-2 (24)

Jameis Winston needs to work on his accuracy. Or play every snap like it’s a two-minute drill.

25. Dolphins, 2-2 (28)

Fans chanting for Matt Moore signals a new bump in Jay Cutler’s career.

26. Cardinals, 2-3 (21)

Desperate for a running back and figuring Adrian Peterson was tired of playing the left out position in New Orleans, Arizona makes a deal with the Saints.

27. Titans, 2-3 (23)

The slide continues with Matt Cassel at quarterback.

28. Bears, 1-4 (27)

At least Mitchell Trubisky’s turnovers come wrapped in rose colored glasses. For now.

29. Chargers, 1-4 (30)

Finally got a win while wiping out the Giants’ receiving corps.

30. 49ers, 0-5 (30)

They keep fighting. Last four losses by a combined 11 points.

31. Giants, 0-5 (31)


32. Browns, 0-5 (32)

What’s worse than yuck?