Mark Craig’s Power Rankings

Biggest jump: Broncos No. 20 to No. 3 Biggest fall: Giants No. 12 to No. 26

1. Chiefs, 2-0 (Last week: 1)

Electric rookie Kareem Hunt is the third player in NFL history with 50-yard scores in each of his first two games.

2. Patriots, 1-1 (5)

The Saints defense is what we thought it was, but safe to say Pats are back. Again.

3. Broncos, 2-0 (20)

Great run defense and Trevor Siemian’s four TDs humiliate Cowboys, send powerful message.

4. Raiders, 2-0 (2)

They’re moving to Vegas and still get the benefits of a sellout home opener in Oakland? Amazing.

5. Falcons, 2-0 (9)

All the Falcons needed for their Super Bowl hangover was a rematch with the Packers defense.

6. Lions, 2-0 (8)

Detroit had 257 yards of offense. On the road. On “Monday Night Football.” And won by 14.

7. Buccaneers, 1-0 (10)

Jameis Winston showed no rust in his delayed opener. Then again, he played the Bears.

8. Panthers, 2-0 (13)

Cam Newton looks a little off, but Carolina’s defense looks spot on with six points allowed.

9. Ravens, 2-0 (14)

Playing the Bengals and Browns, Baltimore has as many takeaways (10) as points allowed.

10. Steelers, 2-0 (15)

The Vikings sans Sam weren’t much of a challenge. Next up: a trip to Chicago.

11. Eagles, 1-1 (6)

Eagles are a team to keep a close eye on as Carson Wentz matures.

12. Packers, 1-1 (4)

A repeat of last year’s NFC Championship Game loss at Atlanta raises same old questions about the defense.

13. Cowboys, 1-1 (3)

The vaunted offensive line and Ezekiel Elliott’s competitive fire were destroyed in Denver.

14. Seahawks, 1-1 (11)

Can you believe people picked this offensive line to reach the Super Bowl?

15. Titans, 1-1 (17)

So much for “Sacksonville.” Tennessee dominated the upstart Jags.

16. Vikings, 1-1 (7)

The way this team’s luck runs, is it only a matter of time before Kyle Sloter plays?

17. Dolphins, 1-0 (19)

Jay Cutler looks happy because this looks like a playoff team.

18. Jaguars, 1-1 (16)

Dominant in Week 1. Dominated in Week 2.

19. Bills, 1-1 (18)

You thought the Vikings struggled? Buffalo was held to 176 yards at Carolina.

20. Redskins, 1-1 (26)

A nice win against old friend Sean McVay in L.A. (Even if few bothered to watch.)

21. Rams, 1-1 (21)

Tell us again why it was so important for the NFL to return to L.A.?

22. Cardinals, 1-1 (27)

Carson Palmer has a 65.6 passer rating. Fortunately, he also has played Indianapolis.

23. Chargers, 0-2 (23)

It’s official: Kicker Younghoe Koo is no longer the NFL’s feel-good story.

24. Texans, 1-1 (29)

They beat the Bengals, which, believe it or not, still counts.

25. Saints, 0-2 (25)

If Adrian didn’t sign up for 0-2, tell him the Saints are 0-2 for the fourth straight year.

26. Giants, 0-2 (12)

After criticizing Eli Manning, Bob McAdoo should re-evaluate his slow-developing play calls.

27. Browns, 0-2 (22)

Cleveland at Indianapolis! Someone has to win. Or at least not lose. Right?

28. Bears, 0-2 (24)

How long before the GM chooses the new QB over the old coach?

29. Jets, 0-2 (28)

Teams that are 0-2 have a 12 percent chance of making the playoffs. Enjoy that home opener.

30. Colts, 0-2 (32)

GM Chris Ballard had nine months to make a better QB backup plan. Nine.

31. 49ers, 0-2 (30)

Eight quarters into the Kyle Shanahan era and still no touchdowns.

32. Bengals, 0-2 (31)

First team since 1939 to open with two home games and not score a touchdown. Wow.