Biggest jump: Chargers No. 21 to No. 16 • Biggest fall: Chiefs No. 7 to No. 13

1. Patriots, 8-2 (Last week: 1): They’re at six straight games of allowing 17 or fewer points.

2. Eagles, 9-1 (2): Carson Wentz has a rare off game, and they still win by 26 on the road.

3. Steelers, 8-2 (4): Seems like the AFC Champion will come down to whether the title game is in Pittsburgh or New England.

4. Vikings, 8-2 (5): Don’t do your “Duck, Duck, GOOSE!” division-winning celebration until you see what happens in Detroit on Thursday.

5. Saints, 8-2 (6): The running game and defense are the story, but that Drew Brees fella showed he can still play a bit.

6. Rams, 7-3 (3): Not ready to write this team off. U.S. Bank Stadium played a major role in slowing down this offense.

7. Panthers, 7-3 (9): A bye week followed by a road game at the Jets should keep heat on Saints.

8. Jaguars, 7-3 (9): It wasn’t pretty in Cleveland, but there were five takeaways and a defensive score.

9. Falcons, 6-4 (12): Defending NFC champs elbowed their way past Dallas and Seattle to get to the sixth seed.

10. Seahawks, 6-4 (10): Pete Carroll can’t believe Blair Walsh missed a field goal at the end of a Seahawks game. Uh, Pete …

11. Lions, 6-4 (14): This feels too high considering they gave up 222 yards rushing and almost lost to the Bears.

12. Titans, 6-4 (11): I gave them a break considering their 40-17 loss came to Pittsburgh in a Thursday night game.

13. Chiefs, 6-4 (7): What the heck’s going on in K.C.? Alex Smith hadn’t thrown two picks in a game since 2015.

14. Redskins, 4-6 (15): I bumped them up a spot for going to New Orleans and forcing the Saints into needing a historic comeback.

15. Ravens, 5-5 (18): Is a shutout win at Green Bay worth being elevated three spots? Uh …

16. Chargers, 4-6 (21): They’re sitting in the 12th seed in the AFC. But why do I feel this team will make the playoffs?

17. Cowboys, 5-5 (13): Losing Ezekiel Elliott isn’t an excuse for two lifeless efforts. Next up: Chargers on Thursday. Good luck.

18. Bears, 3-7 (20): Six more games before the Bears’ next coaching search.

19. Bills, 5-5 (16): In three consecutive losses, they’ve given up 135 points and made an already-shaky QB situation worse.

20. Packers, 5-5 (17): On a positive note, Aaron Rodgers will have more time to heal.

21. Raiders, 4-6 (19): The AFC is so thin, a team can look as bad as the Raiders and still be in the hunt for a division title.

22. Buccaneers, 4-6 (24): Their only mistake Sunday was knocking Jay Cutler out of the game before his fourth pick.

23. Colts, 3-7 (23): I got nothing. Next.

24. Bengals, 4-6 (27): After firing their offensive coordinator in September, the Bengals spread the pain to Denver in November.

25. Jets, 4-6 (25): Will they compete or serve up an easy road win for Carolina?

26. Texans, 4-6 (28): D’Onta Foreman tears an Achilles on a 34-yard touchdown run. Sounds about right for Houston this year.

27. Cardinals, 4-6 (22): Adrian Peterson has 26 yards on 14 carries in a loss to Houston. I’m afraid Father Time has horse-collared AP.

28. Giants, 2-8 (31): The Browns now have an insurmountable two-game edge over the Giants in the Road to the Draft.

29. 49ers, 1-9 (29): With Seattle coming up, the 49ers can keep the pressure on Cleveland to keep playing like, well, Cleveland.

30. Dolphins, 4-6 (26): If you’re the Dolphins, do you start Matt Moore? I’ll hang up and not care.

31. Broncos, 3-5 (30): Bill Musgrave to the rescue! Or maybe not.

32. Browns, 0-10 (32): They’ve clinched their ninth 10-loss season in the past 10 years. Consistency like this is rare in the NFL.