Shortly after discussing concussions and the deaths of high school football players, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said this:

``There is risk in life. There is risk in sitting on a couch.’’


Where the heck is his couch? in a shark tank?

And if a couch can be dangerous, should you need insurance to buy a recliner?

Goodell reminds me of this skit:

Goodell was his usual self on Friday during his state-of-the-league press conference. He answered planted questions. He told a little girl that she could someday play in the NFL. He defended league decisions and policy.

But he said two things that knocked me back:

  1. That the NFL will be ahead of science in preventing concussions. This from a league that ignored head-trauma science and lied to its players about it. Now the NFL is going to trailblaze? I hope that’s true.

  2. The couch comment.

Is he confusing couches with electric chairs? With ski-lifts? With this guy?

Let this be a lesson: If Roger Goodell invites you to his house, tell him you’d rather play it safe and catch javelins.