Sugar Good, 49, who manages a Dunkin' doughnut store in Edmond, Okla., knew a good man when she saw one ... every morning at 7:15 as he collected his sausage, egg and cheese croissant at her drive-through. After a year of friendly commercial exchanges, the New York Times reported, Good finally got up the nerve to hand John Thompson, 45, her business card along with his food and coffee. Two years later, on Oct. 13, Good and Thompson tied the knot at the place that brought them together: the Dunkin' drive-through. "We knew we wanted to share it with the Dunkin' family," Good said. She stood at her spot in the window and Thompson drove up in his red truck, where former pastor Colby Taylor was waiting for them. Taylor kept the ceremony short, as other customers were lined up behind Thompson, but at the end, Good came outside and Thompson got out of his truck for their first kiss as Dunkin' regulars, friends and family cheered them on. "Our story wasn't glamour," Good said, "but it was true romance."

A not-so-bright idea

In Littleton, N.H., a Hillsborough County grand jury filed indictments against Lisa Landon, 33, in early October, the Union Leader reported. Landon was scheduled in court for three different cases in November and December 2019, involving drug possession and stalking. To avoid going to jail, Landon impersonated a prosecutor and used the court's electronic system to file fake documents dropping the charges against her. A state forensic officer noticed last November that the charges were dropped and wondered if a scheduled competency evaluation on Landon should proceed, which tipped off court officials. While she was at it, Landon allegedly filed an order on behalf of a relative to halt guardianship proceedings involving Landon's child. She's been charged with one count of false impersonation and six counts of falsifying physical evidence.

Cue the lawyers

Nightmares really do come true: On Oct. 24, as Leonard Shoulders, 33, waited at a bus stop in the Bronx, N.Y., the sidewalk beneath him gave way and he dropped into a decrepit basement full of rats, Fox News reported. Bystanders alerted authorities, and Shoulders was rescued from the dark hole about 30 minutes later. Injuries included a broken arm, broken leg and scraped face. New York's Department of Buildings said the basement beneath the sidewalk was poorly maintained, and the building was closed until repairs can be made.

Pandemic at the aquarium

Sure, COVID-19 has been tough on humans. But don't discount the effect the virus has had on our aquatic friends. Take Mikko, a 3-foot-long grouper who lives at the Sea Life Helsinki Sea Lab ocean laboratory, where he had to be isolated because he kept eating his tankmates. When the aquarium closed because of the pandemic, Mikko appeared depressed, becoming "more still and distant than usual," his caretakers told Live Science. "To cheer him up ... the caretakers and other staff had lunch and coffee breaks by his tank." They also had a TV to keep him company, but on Oct. 12, Mikko got the ultimate pick-me-up: a 16th birthday party featuring a salmon "cake." Aquarium representatives said he enjoyed the party.

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