It's been a hot summer in Europe. Among those suffering was an unnamed 66-year-old military veteran in the small southeastern France town of Les Arcs-sur-Argens, who had been complaining for several weeks to his landlady, Maryse Malin, 71, about the lack of air conditioning in his villa. That may have been why, the Local reported, he shot the "sweet, kind and caring lady" three times, killing her. Malin had agreed to install air conditioning but told the tenant it couldn't be done until October.

• Two men in Antwerp, Belgium, felt the heat on July 24 when they accidentally got locked in a shipping container full of cocaine in the huge port there, reported AFP. That day, temperatures reached a record high of 104 degrees F., stifling the 24- and 25-year-old, who had entered the container "to remove drugs," according to prosecutors. As the mercury rose, they desperately called an emergency number and when police finally found them two hours later, they gratefully gave themselves up. Port workers were videoed pouring water over the pair to try to lower their body temperatures.

Plugged in

Lake Worth, Fla., homeowner Phil Fraumeni emerged from his house on July 19 to find a white Tesla not only parked on his lawn, but tethered to an outlet on his house, charging the car's battery. Fraumeni told WPBF he waited a couple of hours, then called police. The car was not stolen, and police were able to contact the owner, who showed up around noon and told Fraumeni he had been visiting friends in the neighborhood when the battery died around midnight. Fraumeni declined to press charges (pun intended) and did not ask for reimbursement for the 12 hours of electricity the car used.

Identical twins

Keep up with us here: On Aug. 1, identical twin brothers Andy and Chad Baker of Nashville were on their way to the annual Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, in their identical blue Tesla Model 3s, when an Ohio state trooper pulled them both over for having identical license plates, reading "SUBJ TO." The brothers patiently explained to the officer that the plates are, in fact, different: In one, "TO" is spelled with a zero, and in the other, it's spelled with a capital O. "Nobody likes getting pulled over by police, we were both nervous, but it's a great story and we will tell it all weekend," Andy told Fox 8.

Sticking it to the (recycling) man

A man in southern Spain who is a serial mocker of recycling efforts was fined 45,000 euros ($50,000) and ordered to retrieve a refrigerator he tossed down a hillside in July. Spain's Guardia Civil identified the man from a Twitter video he posted of the refrigerator incident with the truck he used, and its license plate, clearly visible behind him, the Local reported. He could also be seen in a different video throwing a washing machine into the ravine in the same area. The truck was registered to a house-clearing company in Almeria, from which the man was promptly fired. In a tit for tat, officers later posted video of the man struggling to bring the refrigerator back up the hill.

Force of nature

As a storm rolled through Port Charlotte, Fla., on Aug. 4, Marylou Ward and her husband got an explosive surprise. Ward said she heard a "boom" that was the loudest noise she'd ever heard. "We smelled smoke and I looked outside," she told WINK News. Smoke was coming from her septic tank, but it was the indoor effect that really shocked them: Her master bedroom toilet was in hundreds of pieces. A plumber explained that a nearby lightning strike ignited methane gas that had built up in the pipes and septic tank, destroying not only the tank and the toilet, but the indoor plumbing as well. Fortunately, no one was hurt: "I'm just glad none of us were on the toilet," Ward said.

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