Mullah Abdul Salam, Taliban's shadow governor of Afghanistan's Kunduz Province.

Mullah Mohammad, Taliban's shadow governor in Afghanistan's Baghlan Province.

Ameer Muawiya, allegedly in charge of foreign Al-Qaida militants operating in Pakistan's tribal regions near Afghanistan.

Akhunzada Popalzai, also known as Mohammad Younis, a one-time Taliban shadow governor in Zabul Province and former police chief in Kabul during Taliban rule.

Hamza, who goes by only one name, served as a former Afghan army commander in Helmand Province, during the Taliban rule.

Abu Riyan al Zarqawi, also known as Abu Musa, allegedly involved in dealing with Chechen and Tajik militants operating in Pakistan's northwestern tribal belt on the border with Afghanistan.

Mufti Kifayatullah, Al-Zarqawi's local facilitator.