For so much of this MLB season, the focus has been on the rapid pace that baseballs are flying out of parks — with the Twins, of all teams, at the record-setting forefront.

The organization that has been known for small ball instead of the long ball, surpassed the Yankees' single-season home run record — and they did it on Aug. 31 with a full month left in the season, for the love of Nick Punto.

But Twins fans for a while have also kept a skeptical eye cast toward the big, bad Yankees — as a possible postseason foe, but also as a team that was hitting a lot of homers of its own.

And, well, as much as Twins fans love to fret they are often correct with their instincts. After six Yankees homers (in a loss to Detroit, mind you), as of Wednesday afternoon the home run tally officially read: Twins 276, Yankees 276.

Gulp. Tied.

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