After making a meaningful appearance at the Current's fifth anniversary party last month at First Ave, Prince has given the Twin Cities public radio station first crack at a new song called "Cause and Effect." The track -- described as "a rocker filled with virtuosic guitar work, explosive drum breaks, a poppy chorus, trademark shrieks and whoops" in a Current press release -- will debut Friday at the very un-Princely time of 7 a.m. (89.3 FM or online here). Presumably, they'll keep playing it throughout the day.

The last time Prince gave a new song to a radio station, it was the prominent (but now defunct) Los Angeles station Indie 103.1, so this is quite a coup for the nonprofit Current. It's very appropriate for him to premiere the song locally, though, since he has been living here again for a few months now and recording a lot out at Paisley Park in Chanhassen -- despite assorted distractions worldwide. No word on a full album release yet, but this track will reportedly be issued along with many more on his $77 annual subscription service at