Tame Impala, "Currents" (Interscope)

"Yes, I'm changing," croons Kevin Parker on Track 4 of Tame Impala's third album. It's a statement of purpose set to a slow soul jam, but by that point in the record, he's declaring the obvious: While Tame Impala used to traffic in neo-psychedelia with heavy guitars and woozy vocals, now Parker (who recorded "Currents" alone) is interested in the keyboard-based grooves of '80s R&B and the production manipulations of contemporary hip-hop. It's a radical change, although maybe not entirely surprising, given his work on Mark Ronson's "Uptown Special." "Currents" opens with "Let It Happen," a nearly eight-minute, continually morphing track that rides a steady disco beat. It wouldn't sound out of place on a Daft Punk or a Caribou album. Lyrically, "Currents" is largely a breakup record: Parker could as well be separating from Tame Impala's past musical style as from a lover.

Steve klinge, Philadelphia Inquirer


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