Earl Sweatshirt, "I Don't Like [Expletive], I Don't Go Outside" (Columbia)

You never see or hear Sweatshirt coming, then, pow, he's on you. At one gig, he was onstage with Tyler, the Creator, who, head down, did not realize Earl was there — until Earl blasted off with one of his panicky, fluid, sarcastic rants. That's a Sweatshirt thing, and his new album is full of his goofy, sweaty-palms signatures. Start with "Grief," a gurgling, lo-fi track with Sweatshirt bursting in random fits and starts. He's angry about missing his grandmother, and about MCs taking what's his. There's nothing Zen about the spaced-out "Mantra." Other rappers who join Sweatshirt in his bugged-out journey wind up as wiggy as he. Da$H usually sounds chill, but not when he and Earl wrangle with the stupid temerity of "Grown Ups." Sweatshirt doesn't need help working himself into a lather — being "Inside" makes him neurotic as all outdoors.

A.D. AMOROSI, Philadelphia Inquirer

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