Colleen Green, "I Want to Grow Up" (Hardly Art)

This Los Angeles songwriter specializes in simple three- and four-chord bubble-gum pop-punk songs that are instantly catchy and sometimes sung in an affectless stoner's voice. On her first two home-recorded albums, that was an entertaining enough formula. What creates welcome tension and makes "I Want to Grow Up" a more compelling, and frequently thrilling, proposition is the ticking-clock anxiety palpable in such confronting-adulthood songs as "Things That Are Bad for Me" and, especially, the emotionally frank "Deeper Than Love." The claustrophobia of that six-minute inward look is relieved on garage-rock kickers such as "Grind My Teeth," which bears the imprint of producer Jake Orrall of Jeff the Brotherhood, and the breezily existential closer "Whatever I Want," which makes growing up seem not so scary after all.

Dan DeLuca, Philadelphia Inquirer

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