piersonThe Lynx on Wednesday announced the signing of Plenette Pierson, a veteran forward/center who figures to help the team in a number of ways. If the transaction was buried a little in the midst of all the other signings — Wednesday was national signing day for soon-to-be college football players, after all — let’s take a little closer look at Pierson and what she might bring to the Lynx.

Most notably in my mind is Pierson’s toughness factor. It’s a badge that the 6-2 Pierson has earned — and from which she doesn’t seem to hide.

While playing with Detroit in 2008, Pierson played a key role in an ugly fight against the Los Angeles Sparks. Near the end of a contentious game, with tempers already having reached a simmer, they boiled over during an aggressive box out at the free throw line. The player Pierson tangled with and knocked over? None other than Sparks star Candace Parker, a rookie at the time.

You might recall more recently that the Sparks — led by Parker — upended the Lynx in a thrilling five-game WNBA Finals last year that went down to the wire in a 77-76 Los Angeles victory in the clincher. Surely the Lynx didn’t sign a player because she tangled with a key opponent nearly a decade ago, but it is an interesting bit of history. Pierson earned a four-game suspension — the most of anyone inovlved — for her role in the fight, which emptied both benches. She had to be restrained by multiple teammates.

Nobody wants to see that happen again, but at the same time Pierson will bring an element of toughness to the Lynx.

Pierson has carried a reputation for aggressive play throughout her 14-year career that has spanned 410 regular-season games, 41 playoff games and netted her two WNBA championships. The 35-year-old has also added a three-pointer to her arsenal in recent years, connecting on 30 of 89 (34 percent) last season with Dallas.

Her Twitter handle, if anything can be learned from such things, is @DaEnforcer33 and her bio reads “Those who don’t know me …. HATE me, Those who know me …. LOVE me …”

Her new Lynx teammates — and their opponents — figure to get acquainted with that notion in 2017.

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