Just a reminder of the new foods at the State Fair, which starts Thursday (see below).


Clearly the Minnesota State Fair was not checking out the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s new MyPlate icon when it agreed to the 14 new foods that will debut this year. Not unless there’s a portion on the plate for "fried foods" and "dessert."

Start your cross-training now. You'll need more than 10,000 steps to work off these calories.The fair runs from Aug. 25 through Sept. 5. Here are the new foods, only three of which are on-a-stick.


• Chocolate covered jalapeño peppers (at left)

• Mexican horchata (cold drink made of rice, almonds, cinnamon, vanilla and sugar)

• Jamaican jerk fries


• Crab fritters (at left)

• Northwoods salad (a portable caprese salad)

• Dirt dessert (Oreo cookies, vanilla pudding, whipped cream, cream cheese and gummy worms)


• Sweet-corn ice cream (at left)

 • Coushari rice with lentils

• Grilled chicken pita


• Deep-fried cookie dough (at left)

• Terijaki chicken on-a-stick

• Pretzel dog on-a-stick


• Grilled Yankee apple pie and chocolate sandwich (brioche filled with apples and spices covered in chocolate, grilled and topped with powdered sugar) (at left)




• Breakfast lollipop (sausage patty deep-fried on-a-stick with a side of maple syrup) (at left)




Hmm. I can almost smell the fragrance of grease wafting over the sweaty crowd.