My blue heaven

Can death spice up a marriage? That’s the hope of unsatisfied June (Maya Rudolph), who finds herself back in a suburban rut even after she joins her wishy-washy hubby (Fred Armisen) in the hereafter in “Forever.” Even if you don’t want to spend eternity — or eight episodes — with Mr. and Mrs. Bland, don’t miss the heartbreaking stand-alone episode in which “Mudbound” star Jason Mitchell comes to regret what happens when you don’t follow your heart.

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Ground control

Beau Willimon, who created the American version of “House of Cards,” blasts off into space in his latest, “The First.” Well, blasts is a bit misleading. The characters take their own sweet time departing for Mars, with red tape being a bigger obstacle than Klingons. It helps that the mission is being led by a somber Sean Penn, who, in his first TV series, reminds us how effective he can be without blowing a gasket.

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Mother’s little helper

It’s unfair to expect to feel great about “I Feel Bad” right out of the chute, even if Amy Poehler is attached as an executive producer. There’s plenty to like about this single-camera comedy, starting with star Sarayu Blue as a frazzled mother juggling work, kids and nagging parents. If the series feels less than spectacular, give it some time. “Parks and Recreation” didn’t really hit its stride until the second season.

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Neal Justin