Les miserables

"The Good Place" star Jameela Jamil takes contestants to very bad places in "The Misery Index," a game show in which contestants try to predict how experts rated the impact of groan-inducing situations like a husband leaving his wife after winning the lottery or a bulldog attacking its owner's private parts. "This isn't the 'Price Is Right!' " bellows a member of "Impractical Jokers," whose members chime in as advisers. No, it isn't.

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No blank slate

Near the start of "Jenny Slate: Stage Fright," our host suggests that women named Jenny are expected to walk into a room, bumbling, stumbling and vomiting on themselves. I'm not buying it — and neither will you after watching this confident comic in this part stand-up, part documentary special that makes you wonder why "Saturday Night Live" let her go after just one season.

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First crush

John Green, who wrote "The Fault in Our Stars," first explored teenage heartbreak in his 2005 novel, "Looking for Alaska." After years of delays, the team behind "Gossip Girl" finally has finished its adaptation of Green's early tale in which a young man (Charlie Plummer) has to grow up awfully fast after a tragedy at an Alabama boarding school.

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Neal Justin