Baiser de la mort

The gloomy Guses of "CSI" could have learned a thing or two from "Balthazar," a forensics pathologist who doesn't let dissecting corpses get in the way of flirting with strangers or enjoying a plate of burrata. But the French sleuth, played by the charming Tomer Sisley, isn't all smiles. In the midst of tackling the murder of the week, he's trying to figure out who killed his beloved wife.

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Ready to learn

Ken Burns is lauded as one of America's great storytellers, and rightly so. But he almost always works in tandem with a talented partner who doesn't get nearly enough credit. Now Lynn Novick, his co-director on "Vietnam" and "Baseball," makes her solo directorial debut in "College Behind Bars," a four-hour project that should give her a little more of the spotlight. Her ability to get the most of interviews is put to good use as she prompts prisoners to open up about their quest for higher education.

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Recipe for disaster

Get into the Christmas spirit with "Nailed It! Holiday," a special episode of the half-baked series in which hapless chefs do their best not to destroy dishes. Seeing the contestants try to create cupcakes topped with ghost cookies is almost as uncomfortable as listening to host Nicole Byer's attempt at a Cockney accent.

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Neal Justin