The Force is with them

The new streaming service Disney+ is launching with nearly a dozen series or specials, including "The Mandalorian," the first live-action series set in the "Star Wars" universe. But don't expect any pop-ins from Luke Skywalker. This adventure, which was not available to critics ahead of its premiere, takes place in a completely separate corner of the galaxy. Netflix's latest competitor also is relying on Earthlings like Kristen Bell ("Encore!") and Anna Kendrick ("Noelle") to attract some initial eyeballs.

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All the fashion

You may want to press your sweatpants before settling in to watch "Very Ralph," a star-studded tribute to Ralph Lauren. Woody Allen! Calvin Klein! Martha Stewart! Director Susan Lacy points out some of the fashion designer's shortcomings, most notably his failure to properly represent all body types. But for the most part, she lets her subject matter off the hook.

8 p.m. HBO

Love at first bite

Rob "Caveman" Alleva and Adam Thorn are either the bravest or dumbest pair you'll see on TV this year. After watching the premiere of "Kings of Pain," in which the two travel to Bolivia for tarantulas and killer wasps to sting them, you may be convinced that they're both. If this passes for a science experiment, then "Jackass" should become an Olympic event.

9 p.m. History Channel

Neal Justin