Hamming it up

“Green Eggs and Ham” is pretty thin material to build a whole series around, but this new effort pulls it off with lots of references to other Dr. Seuss classics and Warner Bros.’ frenzied approach to animation that turns every character into a Tasmanian devil. Michael Douglas provides the voice of the grumpy Guy-Am-I who winds up with more than a disgusting breakfast option on his plate.

Now streaming on Netflix

All the fashion

You may want to press your sweatpants before settling in to watch “Very Ralph,” a star-studded tribute to Ralph Lauren. Woody Allen! Calvin Klein! Martha Stewart! Director Susan Lacy points out some of the fashion designer’s shortcomings, most notably his failure to properly represent all body types. But for the most part, she lets her subject matter off the hook.

8 p.m. Tuesday, HBO

Doggone magic

“Lady and the Tramp,” Disney’s latest attempt to transform an animated classic into a live-action film, won’t make your jaw drop down as far as “The Lion King” or “The Jungle Book” did, but you’ll still find yourself wondering how director Charlie Bean managed to pull off that spaghetti-and-meatball dinner scene with real dogs. The cast is downright adorable — and that includes the humans.

Starts streaming Tuesday on Disney+

Neal Justin