Lost it at the movies

Multitasker Mark Duplass ("The League," "Jeff, Who Lives at Home") brings his behind-the-scenes and on-camera talents to "Creep," a two-handed drama about a low-budget film that may be more down 'n' dirty than it first appears. Streaming on Netflix


A certain country music legend is taking his creative divorce from Ronnie Dunn well in "Steak Out With Kix Brooks," a new series in which half of the bestselling duo spends his royalty checks on the country's juiciest filets, starting in Omaha. Meanwhile, Dunn is reportedly fixated on Hot Pockets. 8 p.m. Cooking Channel

No dancing in the dark

Turn out the lights; the party's over. That might as well be the subtitle to "Blackout," a new "American Experience" documentary that looks at how the 1977 blackout that covered New York City triggered fear and looting, a far different scene than past outages, which were a reason for festive bonding. How much our country has come to depend on electricity — and how little we trust our neighbors — is telling in this brisk but powerful film from Callie T. Wiser. 9 p.m. TPT, Ch. 2

Neal Justin