Brill Building beauty

"Carole King: Natural Woman" fills in a lot of blanks that the musical "Beautiful" couldn't cover, with much attention paid to the singer-songwriter's life after her collaboration with Gerry Goffin, including a volatile relationship with her third husband, Rick Evers. The documentary may not be as hummable as the stage show, but it's just as captivating. 8 p.m. Friday, TPT, Ch. 2

Star-crossed lovers

As the co-creator and star of "Love," Paul Rust is the latest Woody Allen wannabe, holding out belief that nerdy charm and humor can win over a difficult beauty. The object of his affections is "Community" grad Gillian Jacobs, and the two possess believable, if unlikely, chemistry. Judd Apatow is an executive producer. Now streaming on Netflix


You wouldn't normally get members of iconic series like "Cheers," "Friends" and "Will and Grace" to reunite unless they were guaranteed a truckload of awards, but they're all on hand for "Must-See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows," which honors the most successful sitcom director of all time. 8 p.m. Sunday, KARE, Ch. 11

Girls just wanna have no fun

Lena Dunham may indeed be "the voice of her generation," as she stated not so eloquently in the first season of "Girls," but that doesn't mean I want to a split an ice cream sundae with her character anytime soon. Her series resumes this weekend and, if anything, the four primary female leads are even less likable than when we first met them, particularly Marnie (Allison Williams), who takes bridezilla to a whole new level in nuptials that haven't been this doomed since Dennis Rodman tied the knot with Carmen Electra. Like the rest of her gal pals — and I use that term loosely since they never seem to offer any genuine form of friendship to one another — she's more obsessed with self-satisfaction than sisterhood. 9 p.m. Sunday, HBO

Neal Justin