Chief of surgery

Denzel Washington, who got his break starring in "St. Elsewhere," returns to the hospital ward, this time as a director. He's at the helm for the winter premiere of "Grey's Anatomy," a show that's been on hiatus so long you might have thought Seattle Grace had been shuttered due to an overpopulation of maniacal plot lines. Patient fans will most likely be rewarded with an episode so over the top, it'll make Washington's upside-down landing approach in "Flight" look like standard procedure. 7 p.m. KSTP, Ch. 5

February fools

The boys behind "Impractical Jokers" celebrate April Fools' Day early by posing as unreceptive receptionists, playing pranks at a wax museum and forcing two of their buddies to take a stomach-churning helicopter ride. Allen Funt, I blame you for this. 9 p.m. TruTV

Remedial school

High school is an underutilized sandbox for satire, which is why I had such high hopes for "Those Who Can't," a new series in which a Denver-based comedy troupe, the Grawlix, plays teachers who are more childish than their students. I wish I could issue a better report card, but there are more tolerable examples of infantile behavior on TV these days. Maria Thayer does earn high marks as the anything-but-demure librarian. 9:30 p.m. TruTV

Neal Justin