Boys in the band

Adam Pally (“Happy Endings”) and Sam Richardson (“Veep”) have proved they can shine in top-notch sitcoms. Their latest venture, “Champaign, ILL,” isn’t one of those. The pair play formerly ambitious high school grads who lose their self-worth — and a significant number of brain cells — after tossing aside their personal ambitions to be part of a friend’s rap posse. It’s a promising premise, but the bits come across like improv exercises that aren’t quite ready for the main stage.

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Thrashing around

You may not have heard of the band featured in “Agnostic Front: Godfathers of Hardcore,” but its thrash-metal sound would end up influencing everyone from Rancid to Metallica. Director Ian McFarland looks at the group’s impact in the 1980s and the bond between its co-founders Vinnie Stigma and Roger Miret. The film is part of Showtime’s weeklong string of new music documentaries that also spotlight Jeff Beck and GG Allin.

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Weather outside is frightful

“Paris to Pittsburgh” looks at the effects of climate change in the modern era and how individuals are responding. There’s a heavy emphasis on America with visits to Iowa, California, Florida and New Jersey.

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Neal Justin