Get your kicks

Netflix makes a play for Hispanic streamers with its first Spanish-language series, “Club de Cuervos” (featuring Luis Gerardo Mendez), in which the death of a rich man has his family squabbling over the future of his popular soccer team. Think “Dallas” with sombreros instead of cowboy hats. Streaming on Netflix

New York City serenade

One of pop music’s most storied outdoor concerts remains 1981’s “Simon and Garfunkel in Central Park,” a finely tuned reunion of old friends performing “The Boxer,” “America” and “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.” 9 p.m. Saturday, TPT, Ch. 2

Rainy day people

Reality TV, which has dedicated its life to discovering underappreciated comics, cooks and lovers, forecasts the future of meteorology in “Funny or Die Presents America’s Next Weatherman,” with a panel of judges that includes L.A. staple Jillian Barberie. The fact that it’s being produced by Will Ferrell’s company indicates that the reports shouldn’t be taken too seriously. 10 p.m. Saturday, TBS


Rachel, Rachel

It would take audio commentary from Stephen Hawking for me to fully comprehend what went down in the second season of “True Detective,” which concludes this weekend. But even an imbecile like me can see that cast standout Rachel McAdams is a major talent who deserves the kind of attention “Detective” granted Matthew McConaughey in the previous season. 8 p.m. Sunday, HBO

Neal Justin