How’d that sick call go? Did you cough a couple times just to make it extra believable? (Consensus here is that two or three coughs is plenty. If you try to go for four or five coughs, that’s overselling it.) So, you’re sick, that’s too bad, BUT HEY you’re in luck: it’s the first day of the NCAA tournament!  Plenty of basketball on the telev … oh, you already knew that?

Here’s a rundown of good stuff from us to get you ready for the first tip: scheduled 11:15 a.m., Duke vs. … someone not as good as Duke ...

For serious couch-surfers: Nothing but the schedule for the next two days.

Are you still filling out a bracket? Congrats -- you’re taking procrastination to a new level. Amelia Rayno’s picks to copy can be found here.

Looking for some upset ideas for that bracket, or just some small schools to cheer for?

How ‘bout a star small-school player to cheer for?

For those out and about in downtown Minneapolis today, taking an extra-long lunch break perhaps, be on the lookout for our Jason Gonzalez. He's going to catch up with local college hoops fans and see what's buzzing (besides you?) on Day 1. Check out what he finds on our Snapchat channel.

If you want a serious case of FOMO, here’s a look at the very cool things happening in Des Moines today.

Wait, you didn’t call in sick? Bad move. But, you can still watch the games from work.

If you’re still having trouble getting over the Gophers’ lousy season, Jim Souhan has some ideas on where to channel your energy.

Tough one here for some of you: Wisconsin, as of this NCAA tourney, is now the country’s hottest big-sport athletic program. Go Badgers?

Just the basics? Sure, got ya covered. Scores and schedules here.

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