Short takes

• New Pistons forward Blake Griffin walked off the court Friday after losing to his former Clippers teammates and coaches in the first game between the teams since he was traded from L.A. to Detroit. Afterward, he noted only DeAndre Jordan remains from the time he joined the Clippers in 2009. “It was a little weird,” he told reporters. “It’s the first time I’ve ever done something like that. So it’s out of the way. Move on.”

• Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler has acknowledged he had “some riffraff” with Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg during their two-year relationship in Chicago together, but Hoiberg called their sometimes contentious time together “an absolute pleasure.” “Just because of his competitive edge,” Hoiberg said. “The way he brought it every day. I’ve always said the three most competitive players I’ve been around in my career are Reggie Miller, Kevin Garnett and Jimmy Butler. Those guys never back down from any challenge, never shy away from a big shot. Jimmy is as good as I’ve been around from that standpoint.”

• Wolves veteran Taj Gibson said he wouldn’t, but he did watch much of a United Center videoboard tribute dedicated to him and Jimmy Butler during their first visit back to Chicago on Friday. Played during an early timeout, it included footage of them mugging together in their youth and they received a standing ovation when it ended. “It’s what you dream of on the playgrounds back in Brooklyn,” Gibson said. “You want to make it to the NBA. You have doubts whether the dream will ever come true. … It’s hard to stick in the NBA and 8 ½ years later, to have the city of Chicago stand up for me, it was amazing.”