Short takes

Making it perfectly clear

The NBA on Monday will begin making public reports regarding all officiating calls and non-calls in the final two minutes and overtime of close games.

"I don't care after the game, sometimes it's even worse," Wolves coach Flip Saunders. "The league's trying to be transparent. I give them credit for trying to do that, but it'd be no different to us. We send in bad calls, we know they're bad calls, but you can't do anything about it."

You don't see that often

Uber-intense Kevin Garnett broke from character during Wednesday's emotional return and busted into a big smile when a local improv actor reprised his dancing "Jiggly Boy" character who, like Garnett, had left Target Center long ago.

"I think if you saw a fat guy with everything off, dancing with your name on his chest, I think you would pay attention to that, or at least for five seconds," Garnett said. "You know what, the guy was over the top. I had to give him a big shout-out. It was all love. That's probably one of the craziest things I've seen in 15 years."

There's no 'I' in assist

Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook is trying to pull his team to the playoffs while injured superstar Kevin Durant is out and probably will succeed and get himself into league MVP consideration. Still … he scored 39 points in Thursday's overtime loss at Phoenix but needed 38 shots.

"You can be a good player, you can even be a really good player, but you can't become a great player until you learn how to make the guys around you better," TNT analyst Charles Barkley said. "When you are as explosive as Russell Westbrook is, you can take 38 shots a night because you can get a shot every time down the court. However, he should say, 'I'm going to get [Serge] Ibaka a shot, I'm going to get [Enes] Kanter a shot, I'm going to get Dion Waiters a shot.'"