short takes

Mama told me there would be days like…

Looming Roy Hibbert is taking his mother's advice and pushing back against others trying to push around Indiana's 7-2 center who often doesn't play as tall as his height. Hibbert has collected five technical fouls this season — including one in consecutive games recently — for defending himself and his ground.

"I got a phone call from my mom and she said [to]stand up for myself," said Hibbert, whose mother previously had advised him to turn the other cheek. "Not trying to be a tough guy. … I'm just going to stand up for myself, just not going to let anybody push me like that."

The Pacers play the Wolves on Tuesday.

Lawson vows to shoot more

Some people vow to exercise more, but Denver point guard Ty Lawson has a different kind of New Year's resolution: He's going to shoot more and not pass up shots.

His numbers in three games since he declared that don't live up to the promise just yet, but Nuggets coach Brian Shaw is all for it anyway.

"I've been down with that from Day 1," Shaw said. "I wish New Year's would have come back in October, when the season started. I'm happy to see that. Hopefully, he backs up what he says. That's the position you have to be aggressive and in attack mode, especially for our team. I trust he'll make the right decisions."

If you thought watching the Wolves was bad …

Those New York fans who wore paper bags over their heads Thursday night aren't alone: TNT analyst Charlers Barkley apparently has seen enough, too, after sitting through from the studio New York's 24-point home loss to Houston. The loss was the Knicks' 14th consecutive, and their 5-34 start is worst in franchise history.

"If y'all show the Knicks or the Lakers anymore, I'm going to stay in the green room," Barkley said, referring to the show-business lounge where guests wait before their TV appearances. "I'm not coming out."