Short take


• When Wolves forward Marcus Georges-Hunt treated 10 kids from the Boys and Girls Club to a fun night out at the Mall of America last week, teammate and three-time All-Star Jimmy Butler showed up to lend his support. He did the same last month when he joined Tyus Jones to watch Jones’ Duke-bound brother, Tre, play a game for Apple Valley High School. In October, he appeared unannounced to watch a Wolves employee’s son play a fourth-grade football game. “I just love people,” Butler said. “I get to be a human, a normal person like everybody else sometimes. If I can go sit down in a restaurant with nobody else in there so I’m not bothered, I’m doing it. I love being a person. I always enjoy my teammates’ kids, all my people that I’m always around. This is like a family atmosphere, so I want to support them, just like they support me.” So if you see someone at a youth football or basketball game you swear looks like Jimmy Butler, it’s probably him. That’s maybe not surprising from a guy who often carries a football that pal and Steelers receiver Antonio Brown gave him. “I think it’s fun,” Butler said. “It takes me back to when I was a kid and how I played little-league football, little-league basketball. There’s no pressure at all. You could shoot five air balls and everybody’s still proud of you. You could have the worst game, the best game and you still get a snack after the game. It really puts the love back into it, like being a kid again even though I’m 28. I don’t really play video games, but I’ll support little league all the time.”