The Traveler: Jason Lu of Falcon Heights.

The scene: Mosses drape over boulders in the temperate forest of Mount Rainier National Park in the Pacific Northwest. The forest covers 58% of the landscape, and visions of the park’s namesake 14,411-foot peak can get lost amid towering Douglas fir, Western hemlock and Western red cedar trees. The forest floor holds its own intrigue.

Destination: “Minnesota has many awesome hiking trails, but there is just something mystical about mountains,” Lu wrote of his recent visit to the national park in Ashfield, Wash. Mount Rainier is a monster of a mountain, too. It dominates the skyline of western Washington and is the most glaciated mountain in the contiguous U.S. Five rivers get their starts there. The park includes a rare inland temperate rain forest. Get more infomation on a visit at

Why this photo: Lu particularly likes this photo for the way it “shows the beauty and serenity of a lush forest,” he wrote in an e-mail.

photo details: Lu used his cellphone to take this photo, using the panoramic option so he could take in the interest of the forest floor and the tree bark.


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