Washington, D.C.

Court refuses to delay Obama power plan

An appeals panel rebuffed efforts to delay enforcement of President Obama's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions until challenges are resolved. The court denied requests for a stay that would have barred the Environmental Protection Agency from implementing the plan.

Democrats address college affordability

Senate Democrats proposed a package designed to address college affordability. The Reducing Educational Debt Act includes a measure first introduced in 2014 to let borrowers refinance federal and private student loans at lower interest rates.

Screeners find record number of guns

Airport security screeners in the U.S. found a record high number of firearms in carry-on bags last year. The Transportation Security Administration found 2,653 firearms, 20 percent more than in 2014; 83 percent of them were loaded.


Missing Marines are now considered dead

The Marine Corps says the 12 Marines who were in two helicopters that crashed off Hawaii after a nighttime training mission are considered dead. The status of the missing Marines — which includes Sgt. Dillon Semolina, 24, of Chaska, Minn. — changed to deceased.


Defamation lawsuit against Cosby rejected

Statements made by Bill Cosby, his wife and his lawyer to counter accusations that he had sexually assaulted women were not defamatory, a federal judge ruled as he dismissed a Pittsburgh woman's defamation lawsuit. The woman, Renita Hill, said Cosby began abusing her in the early 1980s when she was a minor, which Cosby denies. Three other defamation suits were not affected.


Largest prime number identified

The largest known prime number is now almost 5 million digits longer than the previous record-holder. At the University of Central Missouri, a desktop computer multiplied 74,207,281 twos together and subtracted 1. The number was not divisible by any positive integer except 1 and itself, making it a prime number.


Restaurants attacked by Al-Shabab

Two popular beachfront restaurants in Mogadishu were hit by car bombs and gunmen, killing at least three people. The militant Islamic group Al-Shabab claimed responsibility.

Sierra Leone

Ebola returns with a second case

A second case of Ebola emerged after health officials thought the epidemic was over, with a relative of the first victim testing positive for the virus that has killed more than 11,000 people. About 150 of the first victim's contacts are being monitored, and the new patient had been quarantined.

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