FBI investigates another Chicago shooting

The FBI is conducting a civil rights investigation into the fatal 2013 Chicago police shooting of a motorist whose family is challenging officers’ accounts that he was armed and opened fire. According to sworn depositions by the two officers, Esau Castellanos was speeding and crashed. The officers say that when they approached, he opened fire. His family disputes that, and no gun was ever found.



Attempted murder charges in shooting

Edward Archer, who police said confessed to shooting a Philadelphia police officer “in the name of Islam” with a stolen police firearm, was charged with attempted murder and other crimes. Archer, 30, is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Jan. 25. Officer Jesse Hartnett is recovering from gunshot wounds.



Roadside bomb claims two lives

A roadside bomb killed two coast guards and wounded three others. Police officer Muhammad Sajid said the explosion destroyed the vehicle. In the same region, armed motorcyclists gunned down two policemen who were guarding a mosque in Quetta. No group claimed responsibility for the attacks.



Palestinians killed after stabbing attempt

Two Palestinians tried to stab Israeli soldiers at a West Bank checkpoint before they were shot dead by troops, the Israeli military said. The incident was the latest in more than three months of near-daily Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers that have killed 21 people. At least 137 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire during the same period.

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