Governor denies remarks were racist

Gov. Paul LePage denied that he was making racially motivated remarks when he said that out-of-state drug dealers come to Maine and "impregnate a young white girl" before they leave. He told reporters that he meant to say "Maine women" instead of "white girl," adding that Maine is "97 percent white." The governor was addressing the state's heroin crisis when he made the original remark.


Guns now allowed at psychiatric hospitals

Licensed gun owners can now bring their firearms into the state's 10 psychiatric hospitals. Before a new open carry law went into effect, guns were banned at the facilities. Now visitors can bring guns into buildings where patients live. Employees are still barred from having them on campus.

Washington, D.C.

Obama vetoes health law repeal bill

President Obama vetoed legislation that would have repealed the Affordable Care Act and stripped federal funds from Planned Parenthood, writing in his veto message that the measure would "reverse the significant progress we have made in improving health care." It was the eighth veto of his presidency.

South Korea

Defenses reinforced along North border

South Korea reinforced defenses along its border after starting propaganda broadcasts aimed at destabilizing the Kim Jong Un regime as it sought to punish North Korea for conducting its fourth nuclear test this week. North Korea stepped up surveillance on its side as tensions rose.


Great white shark dies in captivity

The world's only captive great white shark died just three days after joining an exhibit at an aquarium in Okinawa. The 11-foot shark was caught off the coast of Japan.

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