Man walks free after decades in prison

A Denver man convicted of rape after a woman says his face appeared to her in a dream walked free Tuesday following more than a quarter-century in prison for an attack he denies committing and to which another man confessed. Clarence Moses-EL, 60, left a Denver jail after a judge overturned his 1988 conviction on rape and assault charges and found that he would likely be acquitted if his case went to trial again.

Washington, D.C.

Secret Service agent robbed of gun, badge

A Secret Service agent was robbed of his gun, badge, radio and handcuffs near the agency's headquarters, according to a police report, the latest in a string of embarrassments for a law enforcement agency charged with protecting the president. The report also lists a flash drive among the items stolen from the agent's car.


Prisoners mistakenly released early

More than 3,000 prisoners in Washington have been mistakenly released early since 2002 because of an error by the state's Department of Corrections. Gov. Jay Inslee said he has ordered immediate steps to correct the long-standing problem. Authorities say a July 2002 state Supreme Court ruling required the Corrections Department to apply good-behavior credits earned in county jail to state prison sentences. But the programming fix ended up giving prisoners with sentencing enhancements too much so-called good time.


Woman who plowed into crowd charged

A woman accused of intentionally plowing a car carrying her young daughter through crowds of pedestrians on the Las Vegas Strip was charged with murder, child abuse and hit-and-run. The Clark County district attorney said he expects to file additional charges against Lakeisha Nicole Holloway, 24.


NASA's Mars mission delayed until 2018

NASA's next Mars mission will remain earthbound for at least two years. Officials at the space agency announced its Mars InSight mission will miss its March 2016 launch date because of stubborn tiny leaks in a vacuum sphere housing its seismic instrument. During a test Monday at ultracold temperatures, a leak was again observed. Earth and Mars will not be in alignment again until May 2018.


2 bodies recovered from mass of mud

Authorities in Shenzhen said they had recovered only two bodies from a pile of collapsed construction material that swamped an area equivalent to more than 70 football fields. A deputy general manager of the company that operated the dumpsite reportedly had been taken away by police.

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