cape canaveral, fla.

Astronaut resupply launch grounded

High wind once again is keeping space station supplies stuck on Earth. An unmanned rocket loaded with 7,400 pounds of cargo for the International Space Station — the first U.S. shipment in months — was grounded by dangerous gusts Saturday, the third weather delay. The next try comes Sunday.


Referendum would alter government

Armenia holds a referendum Sunday to become a parliamentary republic in a move initiated by President Serzh Sargsyan. Opponents say he wants to retain power as prime minister when his term ends. The country has a semi-presidential system that allows him to appoint and fire the prime minister and control foreign policy. Those powers would transfer to parliament.


Valuable shipwreck found off coast

One of the world's most valuable shipwrecks was found off the coast, President Juan Manuel Santos said. He said researchers found the Spanish galleon San Jose on Nov. 27. The ship, which sank in 1708 after a battle with the British navy, is thought to be worth $4 billion to $17 billion. It was laden with gold, silver and millions of Spanish pesos.

New Jersey

'Christmas' vote prompts resignation

A Roselle Park City Council member stepped down after a vote to add the word "Christmas" to the name of the town's tree-lighting ceremony. Charlene Storey announced her decision minutes after the vote. She said the decision cut "non-Christians out of the loop." Mayor Carl Hokanson said, "It's not a street, it's not a building, it's a Christmas tree."

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