Officer interview shown at Gray trial

As a transport van carrying Freddie Gray arrived at a Baltimore police station, officer William Porter told investigators that he looked inside, saw Gray lying limp, shackled and unresponsive, and said, "We need to call for a medic." Porter's comments, on an hourlong videotaped interview that is the centerpiece of the state's case against him, were played for a jury on the third day of the his trial in the death of Gray, a 25-year-old black man who prosecutors say suffered a spinal cord injury into the van.


Trudeau describes plan to boost spending

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau laid out his activist vision in an opening speech as lawmakers resumed proceedings in Ottawa for the first time since the Liberals won power. He plans to increase benefits for the poorest Canadians, which will test his ability to deliver on a promise of fiscal prudence at a time when the economic outlook is worsening. Taken together, Liberal social pledges will boost Canada's social spending by $5.5 billion next year.


New Delhi limits drivers to alternate days

The Delhi government announced a plan to curb its choking pollution levels by limiting drivers to alternative days beginning next month. Starting Jan. 1, residents in India's capital city, which had been suffocating under a blanket of thick smog, will be able to drive only on alternate days based on their license plate numbers. The plan was announced after a high court ordered the state and national governments as well as Delhi's pollution control committee to devise a plan to address air pollution by Dec. 21.


Government pushes for ideological purity

China mounted an extraordinary set of attacks against its own cadres in its troubled western regions of Xinjiang and Tibet, accusing some of disloyalty to the Communist Party by secretly participating in religious activities, sympathizing with the Dalai Lama or even supporting terrorist attacks. The accusations are part of President Xi Jinping's push for ideological purity.

South Africa

Arrest warrant issued for Oscar Pistorius

Prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Oscar Pistorius after the double-amputee athlete's conviction in the death of his girlfriend was changed from reckless killing to the more serious charge of murder. A High Court hearing is expected next week to set a date for sentencing. An appeals court imposed a murder verdict and sent the case back to High Court for sentencing.


President resists impeachment efforts

President Dilma Rousseff came out fighting against an attempt to oust her while opposition lawmakers accused the government of trying to fast track the impeachment process. At her first public event since impeachment proceedings started on Wednesday, Rousseff called the move a "coup attempt" and focused fire on lower house president Eduardo Cunha.

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