Washington, D.C.

Man jumps fence at White House

A man draped in a U.S. flag climbed over the fence at the White House, prompting a lockdown as the first family celebrated Thanksgiving inside. The man was immediately apprehended and arrested pending criminal charges, the Secret Service said in a statement. The incident took place about 2:45 p.m. EST. Security personnel and guard dogs ran toward the man as he lay on the grass awaiting them, said Victoria Pena of Texas, who said she witnessed the incident.


Trump denies mocking reporter

Donald Trump denied that he mocked a reporter with a disability in a South Carolina speech, despite appearing to imitate mannerisms of the “poor guy” and make fun of him. A statement posted on his Twitter account said Trump doesn’t know the reporter personally or what he looks like and was only mocking his journalism. New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski has a congenital condition that affects joint movement. In a speech Tuesday, Trump said, “Poor guy, you oughta see this guy,” and gestured in a jerky fashion as if imitating ­Kovaleski’s movements.



Teen shot by police was ward of state

A black teenager shot 16 times by a white Chicago police officer was a ward of the state when he died, having spent years being shuttled between relatives’ homes and foster care from the time he was 3. Laquan McDonald lived a troubled, disadvantaged life and had at least one previous brush with the law. School officials and the McDonald family lawyer say there were signs Laquan was trying to get his life in order, though prosecutors say he had drugs in his system on Oct. 20, 2014 — the night a squad-car video captured officer Jason Van Dyke shooting him.



Journalist released on health grounds

A prominent 71-year-old Chinese journalist was released from jail early on health grounds, after being controversially imprisoned for leaking state secrets to foreigners. Sentenced in April to a seven-year term, Gao Yu will be allowed to serve out her term outside prison because of “severe illnesses,” China’s state news agency reported. At the same time, her sentence was reduced to five years, after she pleaded guilty to the charges against her in a closed-door hearing. Gao suffers from high blood pressure and chronic heart pain.



Terror leader killed in police custody

A founder of one of Pakistan’s most feared and ruthless terrorist groups was killed late Wednesday, the second time in four months that a leader of Lashkar-i-Jhangvi has died under suspicious circumstances while in police custody. The death of Haroon Bhatti is a major blow to the Sunni extremist group that has been linked to scores of bombings and assassinations, often aimed at Pakistan’s Shiite minority. It also signals that Pakistan’s offensive against Islamist terrorist groups continues to broaden.

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