Battle for Kunduz continues

Government forces rallied against Taliban fighters who had taken Kunduz, engaging in heavy fighting. By nightfall, the battle was undecided. Concern grew in neighboring provinces as the outlines of a broad Taliban offensive became clearer.


Hajj stampede death toll rises

The number of Iranian pilgrims who died in a Sept. 24 stampede near Mecca in Saudi Arabia has nearly doubled to 464, Iran said, increasing tensions between the countries and adding to doubts that the Saudis have provided a full accounting


Cargo arrives at space station

An unmanned Russian cargo ship docked with the International Space Station, delivering 2.3 tons of supplies ranging from air to garlic. Russian Mission Control and NASA said both the launch and the docking were trouble free.

United Nations

Netanyahu slams Iran deal

In a fiery address before the General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the nuclear pact between Western powers and Iran, and said the deal makes war more likely. He listed examples of Iran's involvement in regional wars and the transfer of strategic weapons that threaten Israel.

Washington, D.C.

Secret Service concerns

The White House said "significant concerns" were raised by reports that Secret Service employees accessed the unsuccessful job application of a congressman who was investigating agency scandals. Spokesman Josh Earnest said that President Obama is confident the "appropriate steps" will be taken to hold accountable those who didn't follow proper procedures. The Secret Service inspector general reported Wednesday that the actions of agency employees who accessed the file of Rep. Jason Chaffetz could amount to criminal violations of the U.S. Privacy Act.

Supreme Court sets agenda

The Supreme Court chose cases for its new term, which begins Monday, including a challenge from Iran's central bank, a European Union case against R.J. Reynolds, and a hunter's challenge that the government can't keep him from using a hovercraft on an Alaskan river to hunt moose.


Official faces new charge

Attorney General Kathleen Kane, already facing criminal charges for allegedly leaking confidential information and lying about it, was charged with a new count of perjury. Prosecutors say she lied to a grand jury about an oath that barred her from releasing investigative materials.


Dog killer is sentenced

Jason Brown, a former presidential scholar and psychology major convicted of torturing, killing and dismembering seven dogs, was sentenced to 28 years.

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