Washington, D.C.

FBI recovers Clinton e-mails from server

FBI technicians have recovered some of the personal and work-related e-mails that Hillary Rodham Clinton said were deleted from a private computer server she used at home during her years as secretary of state, a federal government official said. The official cautioned that it could be months before the computer forensics work is completed and the e-mails are recovered and examined.

Presidential debate schedule is set

The first presidential debate of the 2016 general election will be on Sept. 26, 2016, in Dayton, Ohio. A vice presidential debate will come eight days later in Farmville, Va., before two more presidential debates in St. Louis and Las Vegas.



Gacy investigation solves old killing

An effort to identify remains of young men killed by John Wayne Gacy in the 1970s led to a break in the case of a teenager killed in San Francisco 36 years ago. The Cook County Sheriff’s office said that DNA tests revealed a “genetic association” between the remains of the teen, Andre “Andy” Drath, and his half-sister, Dr. Willa Wertheimer. Gacy was executed in 1994.



Life sentences for two in terrorism plot

Two men found guilty of plotting to derail a passenger train in Canada with aid from Al-Qaida were sentenced to life in prison. Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser must serve at least 10 years. A jury convicted Esseghaier of planning to derail a train heading from New York to Toronto. Jaser was found guilty of conspiring to commit murder. Investigators said the men received guidance from Al-Qaida in Iran.



Journalists pardoned, released from prison

Mohamed Fahmy, a Canadian journalist for Al-Jazeera English, and colleague Baher Mohammed were given presidential pardons that freed them both from prison. They were arrested in 2013. They were among 100 people pardoned by President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi on the eve of the Eid al-Adha holiday.


Burkina Faso

Coup ends and president returns to work

A week after the presidential guard invaded a Cabinet meeting and arrested the president and prime minister, the coup crumbled and the rebels agreed to return to their barracks. President Michel Kafando told journalists he was back at work following days of knife-edge tension in the capital.



Deal could be near in Colombian conflict

President Juan Manuel Santos and guerrilla commanders announced a breakthrough in peace talks that could end Latin America’s longest-running conflict. Santos and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, said in Havana that they had overcome the last significant obstacle to a deal by settling on a formula to compensate victims.

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