Deadly Saudi-led airstrikes hit Sanaa

A Saudi-led military coalition bombarded government buildings and residential neighborhoods in Sanaa, the capital, killing more than two dozen people, officials and witnesses said. The airstrikes destroyed homes in Sanaa's Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Saudi coalition, which includes nine other Arab states and is supported by the U.S., began fighting Houthi rebels in March, two months after the Houthis drove the government from power.


Prime minister may be voted out of office

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras may be bounced from office in a vote on Sunday. Polls show that his Syriza Party is barely ahead of the center-right party that Greek voters ousted in January. It has been a difficult eight months since the 41-year-old leftist was first elected. His party was torn apart by his decision to accept a $97 billion bailout — and the attached conditions.

South Sudan

Death toll in explosion nears 200

The death toll in the explosion of a fuel tanker reached 194, officials said. About 120 patients were hospitalized in Maridi, and 54 people were being treated in the capital, Juba. The explosion happened after a crowd rushed to collect gasoline from a tanker that had overturned in an accident.

Saudi Arabia

Intense security planned for hajj

Saudi Arabia has deployed 100,000 security personnel to oversee the annual Islamic hajj pilgrimage that begins on Tuesday, the Interior Ministry spokesman said, underscoring both the arrangements needed to secure one of the largest pilgrimages in the world and the multitude of threats the hajj faces. "We always concentrate on hajj considering that a threat might exist," Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Turki said. "We've been targeted by terrorism for years now and we know that we are a target for terrorist groups." Roughly 3 million people from around the world are expected to converge in Mecca and nearby areas for the hajj, which lasts five days. It is series of rituals meant to cleanse the soul and instill equality and brotherhood.

South Dakota

Train cars carrying ethanol derail

Seven ethanol tanker cars derailed in Bon Homme County and at least one caught fire, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad said. No one was hurt. Three tankers lost their contents. Officials were investigating the cause. There are no waterways near the accident scene.


Fire destroys more than 1,000 homes

The tally of homes destroyed by two massive wildfires topped 1,000 after authorities doing damage assessments in the Sierra Nevada foothills counted another 250 houses destroyed by flames still threatening thousands of more structures.

New York

Art project shocks upstate campus

A college student caused an uproar by posting "white only" and "black only" signs around the campus as part of an art project. The graduate student at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Ashley Powell, who is black, said the display was meant to provoke dialogue about racism. University police took the signs down after receiving complaints.

Big bucks paid for Beatles contract

A New York auction house sold the first recording contract ever signed by the Beatles for $93,750 to an anonymous bidder. Heritage Auctions said the 1961 contract was for a recording of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean."

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