Solitary confinement rules eased

Prison officials have relaxed the restrictive conditions under which death row inmates live and are in talks to settle a lawsuit over those prisoners' placement in solitary confinement — a signal that authorities are willing to modify the practice that is facing increasing criticism across the country. State officials revealed in a court filing that its eight death row inmates are given weekly contact visits with family members and more opportunity for recreation — including daily sessions in which they mingle with others who are slated to die.


Unclothed bike riders in Philadelphia

Thousands of bicyclists in various stages of undress pedaled their way around Philadelphia to promote fuel conservation and positive body image. The Philly Naked Bike Ride featured people sporting masks, underwear, body paint, glitter or nothing at all. A lot of riders wore just their shoes. The 12-mile ride was among many related to the World Naked Bike Ride movement. It was the seventh year of the Philly ride.


Deadly Tropical Storm Erika weakens

Tropical Storm Erika dissipated even as its remnants began drenching parts of eastern Cuba. But it left devastation in its path, killing at least 20 people and leaving nearly 50 missing on the small eastern Caribbean island of Dominica, authorities said. In Haiti, one person died in a mudslide just north of Port-au-Prince, and at least four others were killed in a traffic accident that apparently occurred in the rain.


Airstrikes launched against ISIL targets

Turkey launched its first wave of airstrikes as part of the U.S.-led coalition to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Turkish fighter jets carried out joint operations late against ISIL targets in Syria. The attack came weeks after Turkey assumed a more active role in the campaign against ISIL, plunging into direct cross-border confrontations and allowing American warplanes to use its air bases.


Journalists sentenced to prison terms

A judge handed down unexpectedly harsh verdicts in the trial of three journalists from the Al-Jazeera news channel, sentencing them to three years in prison on charges that legal experts said were unfounded and politically motivated. The verdict was especially stunning because officials had repeatedly signaled that they viewed the trial as a nuisance.


Thousands demand leader's resignation

Tens of thousands of Malaysians wearing yellow T-shirts and blowing horns defiantly held a major rally in the capital to demand the resignation of embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak. The crowds were undeterred by a heavy police presence after authorities declared the rally illegal, blocked the organizer's website and banned yellow attire and the logo of Bersih, the coalition for clean and fair elections.

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